Thanks to the road commission and to our residents for keeping our township roads so well-maintained!  In 2014, we passed a roads millage, and we hope you can see the improvement.  We will be voting on a renewal of the roads millage in the future.  
If you ever have a road concern, please call Carla Wardin or the road commission at 989.224.3274.
In 2017 we have taken on projects of repairing two roads, replacing two culverts, and performing maintenance on two bridges.  We have also contracted to do the regular brush spray and brine application to keep the dust down.  Our projects include:
1500 tons of gravel on one mile of Kinley Road, between Airport and Grove - $13,290
Chip seal on a half mile of McNeil Rd, between French and Lowe - $13,881.60
Brush spray - $4230
216,280 gallons of brine application (commonly called chloride) - $35,145.50
Essex Center bridge south of Colony – Mel deck and asphalt bridge deck - $4220
Essex Center bridge north of Colony – Mel deck and asphalt bridge deck - $4220
Moss Rd culvert replacement - $8958.25
Essex Center Rd culvert replacement - $8958.25
Thanks again for your support – enjoy the roads!

Map of Essex Township Road System