Welcome to essex township

Supervisor: Carla Wardin
6522 West Colony Road
Saint Johns, Michigan 48879
Phone: 989-640-9284
Email: essexsupervisor@gmail.com
Treasurer: Kathleen George
5462 West Lowe Road
Saint Johns, Michigan 48879
Phone: 989-307-1069
Email: essextreasurer@yahoo.com

Clerk:  Tim Karasek
5111 Findlay Road
St. Johns, MI  48879

Trustee: Jim Gavenda
PO Box 32
Maple Rapids, Michigan 48853
Phone: 989-682-4612
Email: gavendajames55@mail.com

 Trustee: Mark Winsor
5031 Anderson Rd
Saint Johns, Michigan 48879
Phone: 989-224-7275
Email: mark.winsor@yahoo.com


The regularly scheduled board meetings for Essex Township will be at 7:00 p.m on:

2024 Meeting Schedule

Feb 21 
Mar 13 
April 17
June 19
Aug 21 
Oct 16 
Dec 18

All meetings are open to the public. Essex Township will provide to individuals with disabilities, reasonable auxiliary aids and services which are needed to fully participate in any township meeting providing a 72-hour notice is received by phone or in writing. Contact the Essex Township Clerk, (989) 224-3484 to request the necessary assistance. 

Essex Township Board meetings are held at 
Lowe Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
5485 W Lowe Rd, St Johns, MI 48879.
​We welcome all visitors.  ​ 

​​ITC Corporation is currently in the planning stages of erecting electrical towers that may pass through our township.  The proposed plan is to have a connection between a substation in Oneida Township, southwest of Lansing, to another substation near Carson City. More information can be found in the January 26, 2023 agenda of Clinton County's Ways and Means Committee here: Agenda Center • Ways and Means Committee (Formerly known as Finance Committee)

 Certified assessor Beth Botke is employed by the township to perform property assessments. Beth’s contact information is:
Assessor: Beth Botke
PO Box 90
Bath, MI 48808
Phone: 517-204-3752
Email: b.bassessing@gmail.com

Bonnie Hale is employed by the township to manage Lowe, Beach, and Sowle Cemetery:  Bonnie's contact information is:
Cemetery Manager:  Bonnie Hale
5553 Findlay Road
St. Johns, MI  48879
Phone:  989-292-1700
Email:  essexcemeteries@yahoo.com

Early In-Person Voting

Follow the link to learn more about new Early In-Person Voting laws here in the state of Michigan!


Early Voting Times: LINK

Utility Scale Wind and Solar News

Clinton County is currently reviewing and updating their zoning ordinance for Utility Scale Wind and Solar projects with the help of an Advisory Committee.  Essex Township falls under the authority of the county’s zoning, and will be impacted by their decisions. Please note that this only applies to large, utility-scale projects, not personal wind and solar projects.  The Essex Township Board encourages township residents to contact any board member with comments or concerns regarding changes to this Clinton County ordinance. Our representative on the Advisory Committee will relay comments and concerns to the county level.

If you’d like more information on the activities of the Advisory Committee, please go to: